A barrel of toxic waste has spilled into the ocean, mutating all the fish into bloodsucking piranhas! Join Octo on his quest to rid the seas of these monsters. On his epic journey Octo will team up with the most unlikely characters, like the mad professor and a shady turtle called Ronny!


A decent puzzle game with some customizations and cute characters.
Masterpiece! Addictive, entertaining, love this game, a must download!
Android Market
Wow, 50 different brain-breaking levels, can't believe it! Even with boss battles! This is a different kind of puzzle game with great fun when you finish one level.
Good update :) Well done with the update! Still has the great, funny graphics I love, only it's more playable and I actually have the pearls to buy a hint when needed. Great game and awesome developer. Thanks for hearing us. :)
Govegg K
It brings a new great way to have fun. Kept playing it for an hour. Like it.
I love it! It is nice, hard and it should!
Tony Moussa
Very refreshing I love how different every level is, I don't have the feeling that I'm doing the same thing over and over.
A Google User
Great! Finally a complete game!
A Google User
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